The Healthy Shine
The Healthy Shine
Harmony in life starts with making peace with what's on your plate.

the healthy shine

Harmony in life starts with making peace with what’s on your plate.


About Me

My name is Starla Garcia, M.Ed, RDN, LD and I am an Intuitive Eating Dietitian helping you shed destructive diet culture beliefs, by discovering harmony and freedom with food. 

My Journey

My journey to wellness came after battling an eating disorder as a student athlete during my collegiate years. I was pursuing my Master’s in Education with a concentration in health at the University of Houston, yet I was secretly unhealthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. My competitive nature and the pressure to perform as a runner lead me to develop restrictive eating habits, anorexia, and engaging in excessive exercise. It wasn’t until I sought help from a dietitian that my unhealthy obsession with nutrition could begin to heal.

That experience was the catalyst that set me on the path of intuitive eating, and developing a healthy relationship with food and exercise. Now my story is what fuels my mission to remove the limiting beliefs and unproductive habits that men and women create around diets, exercise, body image, and worthiness. 

The Healthy Shine

I invite you to show up for yourself, be healthy, and shine!

The Healthy Shine was created to help people like you discover ways to live a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and enjoyable. My dietitian was there for me when I needed guidance, and now I am here to be that support for others that need to know that there is a better way to feel, eat, and show up for your life.