Life Update & Why I Stopped Blogging Last Year

Welcome back to my blog guys! I am super excited to start writing again and sharing more on nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and running.

You may notice there are already quite a few changes to my website and blog, so please take a look around!

For those that are unaware of my evolution as a blogger, I have had several different blog names since first starting one in 2016. My first blog was Sweat X Shine, then it became Starla Shines. However as I have grown as a runner and dietitian, I decided that I wanted to start consulting last year in August 2018 and made a jump into taking on nutrition clients 1:1 .

Because I had started to see clients, I wanted to grow from being known as blogger and runner, to a dietitian and business owner, so I stopped blogging. My last entry on Starla Shines was back in July 2018, and I hadn’t really felt like blogging since then.

I would go back and forth on several topics, but I couldn’t get myself to actually write down anything anymore. As a new business owner, I didn’t feel in control of my schedule, I was still working my full time time at the hospital, training like a mad woman for my next marathon, and trying to balance my personal life.. You get where I am going?? & I just didn’t feel like I had a good idea of what EXACTLY to share anymore. I had not only stopped connecting with my community, but also myself, and I started to feel a tug that something had to change soon.

Recently, I left my job at the hospital to pursue my long time career goal of doing nutrition consulting. It’s been a little over a week at my new consulting practice, Advice for Eating, LLC and I am REALLY ENJOYING IT. I feel like I can finally breathe a little more, and take some time to share on my blog again. This time, my blog is The Healthy Shine- a much more mature, focused, version of me, that will be filled with ways to get you healthier and owning your confident power. ***yaaaay***

BUT BEFORE I START! I want to share what has happened since July 2018:

  • I started a business called The Healthy Shine

  • my running took a big part of my energy in the Fall and ran a 2:53 PR in the marathon

  • got lab tests done and found out I wasn’t anemic but rather low in ferritin levels

  • became more interested in sports nutrition and helping runners again

  • have had the privilege of being a Brooks Running Ambassador!

  • started to train with an Elite Houston Racing team called, Space City Racing

  • went on a lot of running-related trips :) like Portland for Hood to Coast, Sacramento for CIM, Illinois for a half marathon, and went back for Mexico City (for fun, but we did run! haha)

  • changed apartments (again) and got a dog! his name is Rod!

  • won a half marathon in October! yay!

  • started feeling overwhelmed and knew I had to leave my job when I started crying before bed and on my way to work because I was so tired

  • celebrated another year of eating disorder recovery

  • started doing wellness talks for larger companies

  • collaborated with local brands

  • interviewed for a podcast by Loving life on the Run

  • started a running/body confidence/food instagram account called FEED YOUR BUNS -you should totally follow us :)

  • left my job at the hospital and started working for Advice for Eating. All the services listed under “programs” are fully offered to anyone seeking to work with me virtually or in person at Advice for Eating :) Let’s get started!!

So basically lots and lots of running and really embracing that I like nutrition consulting and helping people become healthier.

Before I close out this post, I want to say that it was hard to leave my job because I truly liked my co-workers, I had learned a lot, and it provided security, but I was not happy anymore and it stopped aligning with the things I highly valued in my life: health, creativity, connecting with my community, and service.

So what do you all think? What do you want to learn in this blog? Have you ever had to take a big jump and pray real hard that you are going to be okay?

Let’s Shine,