The Healthy Shine
The Healthy Shine
Harmony in life starts with making peace with what's on your plate.


Explore My Program Option and Find the Best Fit for You


Nutrition Programs

The Healthy Shine Nutrition programs offer a holistic approach to food based on the principles of intuitive eating. Unlike diets that rely heavily on restriction and deprivation, intuitive eating reconnects the mind and body to bring awareness to natural cues that signal hunger, satisfaction, and fullness. You’ll become empowered to make food choices without feelings of guilt, loss of control, overwhelm, or self-judgement. As someone with a history of having an eating disorder, I know these disempowering feelings all too well. I found my freedom from the fear of food, and that freedom is what I offer you. 

In this program we’ll also work together to discover the thoughts and emotions that are fueling your dysfunctional relationship with food, so that you can conquer your eating challenges once and for all.

4-Session Program

Three-day diet analysis with 4 nutrition consultations. 

This program offers a customized nutrition plan that is based on your dietary analysis, and includes breakfast, lunch, and snacks. This program will help you gain clarity on how to incorporate healthy and attainable eating principles.

8-Session Program

Three-day diet analysis with 8 nutrition consultations. 

This program option is for a motivated individual, or someone looking for additional accountability and support. The program includes: a custom nutrition plan, a guide to dining out, emotional eating, and staying well while traveling. Recipes are also included. Participants can also expect biweekly check ins with me. 

Note: Research shows that if clients commit 8-10 weeks with a professional to monitor progress, they have a higher success rate in converting healthy habits into a lifestyle.



Food Workshops

The Healthy Shine Food Workshops offer an interactive experience that shows guests just how delicious healthy eating can be. I get up close and personal with your guests and discuss healthy eating practices, all while answering questions as they see, smell, and taste samples of cuisines custom made by me. Your workshop also includes: handouts, food tastings, and take home recipes. My most popular food topics include: 

  • Healthy Hispanic Cooking

  • Diabetic Friendly Recipes

  • Kid Friendly Meals

  • Easy Dinner Ideas

  • ‘Build Your Own’ Bars

  • Customized Meals for Athletes 




Speaking Engagements

Public speaking services are available for groups of all sizes.

Keynote topics are:

  • Intuitive Eating For Professionals

  • Life on the Run: How to Succeed as Female Athlete in Today’s Climate

  • It’s Just Me: The Challenges of Being a Latina in the Healthcare Field

I am also able to develop a customized presentation based on my years as a marathoner, RDN, aspiring Olympian, or Latina entrepreneur.