The Healthy Shine

the healthy shine

My goal is to help you find your shine!


Fuel Your Lifestyle


12-week balance program

The Fuel Your Lifestyle Program is designed to get you deeply rooted into real foods, develop a trusting relationship with your body, get rid of guilt, and connect with like minded individuals that have the same experiences.

This program is for you if you know what it’s like to be

  • on and off with your food and fitness routine

  • exhausted from obsessing over food and your health

  • started exercising only to find that you have now plateaued

  • still hungry and never satisfied from not eating enough food and restricting too many things

  • unsure of what to eat anymore or what is actually “healthy”

  • tired of doing all the fad diets and never feeling like a better version of yourself

Are you ready to change all that that?





Food Workshops

Rates starting at $100/person

My food workshops are fun, interactive, and come with food samples to give you an idea of how delicious healthy eating can be! All workshops are taught by moi and often include handouts, food samples and recipes. Food topics of notable interest include: healthy hispanic cooking, diabetic friendly recipes, kid friendly meals, Easy dinner ideas, ‘Build Your Own’ bars, and special meals for athlete populations.  

Please email me at with headline “Food Workshop Request

Speaking Engagements

Rates starting at $500

Public speaking services are available for groups of all sizes. I would love to work with you to develop a custom presentation that speaks to the needs and interests of your populations.

Please email me at with the headline “Speaking Engagement Request”.